The Archeologist and the Spirit Catchers

Randy Brown began writing even before he knew how. This led to learning how to scrub walls and floors, which has proved an invaluable skill in today’s world. After learning to read and write he began to fill notebooks with sloppy handwriting. Learning to operate a typewriter allowed more people to be able to read what he wrote. Not that they did.

He held a variety of jobs until 1977 when he became a printing press operator at a small instant print shop. He did this in Boise, Idaho as well as several places in and around Portland, Oregon. When he came back to Idaho he continued as an offset press operator until the demand for such diminished and he was no longer employed.

The Archeologist and the Spirit Catchers is the first of his books to be published. It is the first in a series. It is followed by; The Archeologist and the High Mountain Bok Choy, The Archeologist and the Telling and The Archeologist and the Wedding.



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