A Christmas story I recommend to everyone By Randy Brown

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Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy Cherry


228 pages, Kindle edition.

This story truly illustrates why this is one of my favorite plots; the fake boyfriend/fiancé/husband/etc.

Kayden and Jules; one desperately needs a job, the other has to produce someone to keep their family off their back during Christmas. Before these two meet, we learn where they are in their lives, mostly through the failures of their current life choices. Dire straits funnel them into each other’s arms, literally. A seasonally wicked snowstorm, a broken down car, family members that are all too well-known and a hidden nut allergy test the ersatz couple as severely as any twenty year marriage.

They haven’t even known each other ten hours.

Distracted by the intense attraction to each other, they open their hearts, sharing hopes and fears never voiced to anyone. The loss of Kayden’s first real love, Jules betrayal by her own sister. They cling to each other amidst the chaos that is Christmas with the strange people that makeup Jules’ family. Entirely too famous strange people.

A 3AM pancake cooking session, where the blueberries vs chocolate chips argument is about to lead to interesting uses of maple syrup but is interrupted by … Grandma? The Christmas tree expedition where a demonstration of fake Kung Fu fighting runs smack dab into an old fashioned fist to the nose. All of this while struggling to keep up with each other’s stories of how they met, courted, and everything else a committed couple is supposed to know about each other.

Then comes the unraveling (could this plot be carried through without the reveal? Now that would make an interesting story; the couple forced to live their made up relationship). The truth is revealed, with a crisis that makes the white lie too innocent to even mention. Then a second truth is revealed but we aren’t done yet. Things happen, butts are kicked and Christmas passes. Hilarity ensues on New Year’s Eve.

A very touching story with enough laughter to cause people to move away from you, not to mention your spouse banishing you to another room.

© Randy Brown 2017


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